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Sheep and Goat Cheese

Cretan Cheese is renowned throughout Greece for its quality and flavour. Our family’s cheeses are farmhouse cheeses made from the milk of our organically grazed herds of sheep and goats.

Hand-milked and hand-made according to traditional methods and with no artificial additives, emulsifiers, acidity-regulators or preservatives (other than a little salt).


Graver and Kefalotiri





Crete is famous for its production of these delicious hard Greek cheeses for the cheeseboard.

Graver is a particularly tasty, slightly salted, matured cheese for the cheeseboard. Made from a blend of sheep and goat milk, it is renowned among Greeks and is often cut into slender fingers to be dipped into Cretan honey. It is delicious on its own, with olives, or grated on pasta or hot dishes.



Produced on Crete for many centuries from Ewe’s milk* Kefalotiri is similar to Graver, but slightly stronger and more piquant. It is matured for at least three months to produce a delicious table cheese.


Both cheeses can be supplied whole in rounds of either approximately 3kg or 15kg , as well as parts of a round (half or quarter).

We also supply individual packs of approximately 200g.

*at certain times of year, when ewe’s milk is in short supply a little goats milk is added to the Kefalotiri





The most versatile of cheeses this is a delicious tangy but creamy soft ewe’s cheese only found in the West of Crete.

Serve as a snack or starter with olive oil, crusty bread, tomatoes and olives, or crumble onto salads and pastas. Lovely to use in oven baking where it melts beautifully into a creamy, tangy sauce. Or mix with spinach as a delicious filling for spinach pies or cannelloni. Myzithra also freezes very well.

Available in packs of approximately 1 or 2kg or in individual pots of 180g.




This exceptional cheese, both creamy and tangy, with a lovely crumbly texture, is available both as sheep feta and goat feta.

Add to salads, crumble onto pasta or use in cooking. Perfect for pies and tarts and for sprinkling with olive oil and oregano and eating simply with bread or crackers.

Our Feta is available in blocks of approximately 800g and in packs of approximately 200g.