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Oils and Vinegar


If the Mediterranean is the world’s olive grove, then Crete is its heart. The intense sunshine and melt-waters from the mountains ensure that Cretan oil is of exceptional quality fruity, grassy and with peppery accents.


Brakes Family Oil


This Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from my Father’s Olive Groves around our house in Crete. We can trace our olive groves back through 5 generations and the younger ones I remember planting with my father when I was a very young boy. pull-quote-dark2

Yannis Brakes

This fruity, grassy oil comes to you straight from the local village press, is unprocessed and unfiltered.

We supply it loose, in a 20L Stainless Steel Urn for bottling by you or your customers. Refills are supplied in Containers of 19L.


Brakes Extra Virgin Olive Oils



Brakes Organic Single Estate PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Brakes Single Estate PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Single Estate oil comes from the Kolymvari area of North western Crete. The area has been designated ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ by the EU due to the exceptional quality of the oil it produces. Cold-pressed and unfiltered, these oils have a grassy, fruity taste with a slightly peppery aftertaste


Brakes ‘A Taste of Crete’ Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Regional Extra Virgin Olive Oil combines our own olives with those of other local farms to create a lovely fruity, smooth, well-balanced oil.


All our oils are from the first cold-pressing of hand-picked olives and are bottled at source.

All 3 oils are supplied in boxes of 12 x 750ml bottles



Abea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Abel is a well-known small co-operative buying oil from the farmers of Western Crete since 1889. They produce a delicious expertly blended Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is both smooth and fruity.

Supplied in cartons of 4 x 3L tins or 12 x 1L tins.

Balsamic Vinegar

Aged in a variety of oak, mulberry and chestnut casks this lovely vinegar has a fruity flavour and rich body.

Supplied in cartons of 12 x 250ml.