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Artisan Biscuits & Sweets



Cretan artisan bakers provide us with delicious savoury and sweet biscuits cooked in their wood-fired clay ovens, just as they have been doing for centuries.

‘Greek sweets and snacks traditionally combine seeds, nuts, spices and dried fruits with honey and syrup. See below for our offerings from syrup-drenched baklava to tasty cinnamon biscuits – perfect with a strong cup of Greek Coffee


Cretan Biscuits

Pure and natural ingredients. Hand-made and cooked in traditional wood-fired clay ovens.



Savoury Biscuits




Savoury olive biscuit rings. Delicious with cheese and dips.


Koulouria with Sesame

Savoury biscuits with olives and sesame seeds. Try to stop at one!


Traditional Cretan Sour-dough Rusks

Made from Barley Flour, Whole grain Wheat Flour and olive oil, these little rusks are delicious topped with sheep cheese, tomatoes and drizzled with olive oil


Sweet Biscuits


Cinnamon Biscuits

These mouth-watering little biscuits are one of our top-sellers.


Greek Tea Biscuits

Perfect accompaniment to tea or with after-dinner coffee, these little biscuits are delicately flavoured with natural orange juice

Supplied in cartons of 12 x 200g-300g packs





Loukoumi (Greek Delight)

Produced since 1928 by a small family business on the island of Chios this Greek delight is simply delicious and comes in 3 varieties:

  • Rose
  • With almonds
  • A Selection of Rose, Lemon and Lime

Available in cartons of 12 x 400g boxes


Deliciously sticky pastries made from nuts, honey, syrup and filo pastry

Available in trays of 12-24 pieces (dependent on variety).