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Ely Cathedral Xmas Gift and Food Fair – 14-16 November

Nov13 017  What an absolutely splendiferous venue for a gift and food fair!!  And I have to say, a very discerning clientele.  Lou and I had a great time meeting so many people enthusiastic about our Cretan food.  The myzithra and dakos went well as always, and tons of honey – honey booms at Christmas (as does the Greek Delight and Soft Nougat) and our Greek Mountain Thyme Honey must be one of the best in the world.  For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s totally perfect for dipping slim fingers of graviera cheese (my mother-in-law gives me this for breakfast in Crete – hence the waistline!).  These two compliment each other perfectly – something about the sheep and goats grazing on the same plants as the bees are grazing.  Strange – but graviera doesn’t taste quite as good with any other honey, and the honey doesn’t taste quite as good with any other cheese …