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It is our mission to bring you delicious food that is the foundation of the simple, nutritious and natural diet of Greece and Crete. Our cheeses are made from milk from our organically grazed herds of goat and sheep in the foothills of the White mountains in North Western Crete.

The water from those snow-capped mountains feed the olive trees that produce our fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Our honey is harvested from the bees that graze the wild thyme flourishing on the mountainsides and our savoury biscuits are cooked by village bakers in traditional wood-fired clay ovens.

Our home-made pies and dips are created using these authentic natural ingredients. Whether created in small villages in Crete or in our kitchens here in Cambridge we never use artificial colours, preservatives or additives. Our food products are fresh, natural and healthy, allowing you to savour the full flavour and aroma of the Mediterranean.